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                     IN THE BEGINNING



Deep Elementz aka Mr. Deep. Producer, Song Writer, DJ and Label Head of Night Scope Deep Recordings Has mastered the art of dance music now 30 years. Many people have never heard of this pioneer due to his distance life and journey within the scene. Now in this time he has been purposed and prepared for the work he is to bring to the dance community through the original concepts of dance music from the past and the new concepts of the present.
At age twelve Elementz was inspired by some of house music's legends, such as: Tony Humphries, Kerri Chandler, Lil Louis, Larry Heard, Frankie Knuckles, Boby Konders, and Kevin Master Reese just to name a few. Through their depths and concepts Elementz began to journey into his purpose and dream which has carried him into a future of musical chances, and developing a skill different from any other.
Mastering the art of deep and underground dance music, Elementz combined these formulas together, pushing a different feel on the dance floor within his productions creating a warm concept and meaning into the hearts and minds of all who didn't understand the roots. In 1993 Elementz began studying music as a whole from the Institute Of Audio Research, based out of New York City, where he learned the understanding of music production and the record label business. Today Elementz is back on the scene making himself known, uplifting the sounds of house through producing tracks, and his majestic deep underground style of high level heart pounding mixes.
The Night Scope Deep Recordings label has been Elementz ultimate focus since 2009. In developing the understanding of record label business and studio quality sound which has become an inspirational movement as well as project success. The label was launched off in 2013 and has produced many great tracks and is still continuing to grow as a professional stature in the dance music community near as well as abroad. Elementz is championing the foundation of which dance music was born, his love and gratitude for the underground became a life style to the thoughts of knowing the meanings of life, complete in reality to how the world operates and all things came into being. Dance music has not become something of the status quo, for Elementz it is the knowledge and love of the beyond. It is the sounds of why he is called what he was always destined to be - "DEEP"

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